Rosthern Junior College

About Us

Founded in 1905, Rosthern Junior College (RJC) High School has a strong reputation for delivering well-rounded academic experiences to students for over 100 years. RJC offers Grades 10-12, and is accredited by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and a member of the Saskatchewan Association of Historical High Schools; holding a high standard of education. As a high school that teaches from the Christian perspective, RJC places value on faith, service, leadership, and community in the education of its students.

  • Leadership Development
  • Out-of-Classroom Learning
  • Life-long Friends
  • Community & Belonging
  • Developing Independence
  • Safe & Secure Environment
  • Support from Teachers
  • Teaching the “whole student”
  • Personal, Academic, Spiritual Growth
  • Preparing students for life after high school